Software licensing for developers, by developers

Appshield is a software licensing tool to help protect your
application from being accessed by unwanted guests.

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Manage multiple apps
on any platform

Have multiple apps that need protection? We’ve got you covered, AppShield protects any app no matter the platform: mobile, web, or desktop applications can all be protected. AppShield’s dashboard has everything you need to get your app protected, and nothing you don’t. Keep track of your apps through the dashboard and through the recent transactions sidebar to make sure each app stays protected.

Benefits of using Appshield


Authorize who’s accessing your app

Appshield’s easy-to-use setup to add a key authorization to your app can help you to ensure that your customers are legitimate.

Security Security

Tight-lock security using the cloud

Appshield uses a cloud-based security system, which makes it much harder for unwanted guests to access your protected app.


User-friendly interaction and setup

Appshield’s user-friendly design allows you to easily set up your app protection with just a few easy installation steps.

Rapid Fast

Appshield is both fast and reliable

Mobile, desktop, or web apps, if it connects to the internet, Appshield can support it. Appshield helps to quickly login your customers and ensure that your product stays protected with our high availability and reliable uptime.

AppShield Server Status - Live Status Here

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Price by number of users

AppShield’s flexible payment system allows you to scale how much you pay per additional user access per month. Simply add credits to your balance through the ease-of-use dashboard, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also see transactions done for all your projects conveniently locked to the right.

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More Questions?

Our help section contains FAQs and the instructions you need to make your Appshield experience enjoyable. Support with the Appshield staff is also available if further guidance is needed.

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